Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
Residential Cleaning
Residential Cleaning

Maids Santa Monica can customize an array of services in order to meet the exact needs of your household. From a Vacant move-in cleaning to post party clean up and anything in-between.

Maids Santa Monica sends out a crew of 2, 3 or 4 personnel. This so that each member of the team can start in a separate part of your home; one in the restrooms, one in the kitchen, one dusting throughout, and one vacuuming the entire home. Our uniformed staff arrives in marked company vehicles with standardized, professional grade equipment.

At the beginning of your appointment our team leader will greet you and introduce their crew. Immediately the crew will disperse, to begin with the basics of the clean, as the team leader discusses your needs for the visit. All initial cleaning are performed at an hourly rate, being that the size and condition of every home we walk into is different. Our team leaders will always be somebody that you can fully communicate with and they will be able to give you an exact quote at the beginning of the clean. Ensuring that you get exactly what you need from our services.

Additionally Maids Santa Monica has an active staff of field mangers always out on the field ensuring top-notch customer service and performing quality control for all of our clients. Field supervision is one of the many ways Maids Santa Monica ensures quality.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Having performed a thorough initial cleaning at your location, our team will have seen first-hand the kind of service your home will require. This allows us to then provide you with a set rate for Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Services; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, flexibility to meet your needs is our objective.

Each time our crew visits your home, we provide you with the same staff members. This way, our crews will have personal knowledge of your requirements allowing us to more effectively service your home.

Our Recurring Cleaning Procedure consists of…



Disinfect and Clean sink


Clean windows over sink

Disinfect and Clean appliance exteriors

Disinfect and Clean inside microwave

Disinfect and Clean range top

Disinfect and Clean counters

Floors washed on hands and knees

Load dishwasher



Clean and sanitize counters, sinks and change towels

Clean and disinfect tubs, toilets and showers

Floors washed on hands and knees


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